Friday, September 26, 2008

Shiny Happy People

Today we have been talking in class about having a positive attitude towards the English subject.
They have to believe that they can improve their language skills, and I'm sure they will do it.

We have done an activity around this, using the song Shiny Happy People, by R.E.M.

Shiny Happy People - REM

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Steps

Hi, welcome to my blog.
It is designed to go with my courses at Colegio Los Tilos in Madrid, where I work.

The idea behind it is to help me motivate and communicate with my students, specially those that are doing Bachillerato.

This, togeher with the Aula Virtual de Inglés, will help you practise and consolidate what you learn in class. You, as a student, will be able to study independently and explore new possibilities to improve your English.

Hopefully, you will enjoy learning English this year:
- It will open you the door to new worlds and new experiences
- It will be an exciting challenge
- You will learn about other cultures
- It will make you more employable
- It will be fun!

Now, listen to an inspiring song: You gotta be, by Des'ree