Friday, March 6, 2009

English novels

In the following days you are going to start reading your graded books. One group will read Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë, and the other group will read Tess of the D'Urbervilles.

I hope you like them. They are two of the most famous English novels. If you want to learn more about English Literature and authors, here is this document for you.

A History of the English Literature

If you don't want to read anymore... Why don't you enjoy some music related to literature? Watch this video with a song inspired by Wuthering Heights.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

InterRail Europe

Those of you in 1º Bachillerato are doing a project on InterRail.
If you need help with official information, documents to take, etc. have a look at this presentation:

If you want to create something more personal, have a look at this other presentation:

Be a reporter

This week you have all had fun with this piece of news:

You then were asked to become a reporter who is at the station and interviews a girl who is not allowed to kiss goodbye to her grandmother.

It has been very entertaining to listen to your recordings.

All this reminds me of a famous song: "Kiss me", by Avril Lavigne. I hope you like it!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My experience with English

Hello again. This time one of your classmates, Rebeca Dorado, has helped me organise all your comments. This is the final version of your collaborative writing. THANKS, REBECA!

I started to learn English at the pre-school when I was so little. I used to sing a lot of songs and play different games in which I learnt so much having fun! Some people started studying English at Senara (schools) where they did games like to say the name of a picture to learn vocabulary or singing songs! Others started with a private tutor. The method was the same: they used to sing a lot of traditional and easy songs and play games because they were too little to study grammar or vocabulary but the teacher sometimes read some books in English like "Little Red Riding Hood”. They used to colour some activities or do very easy activities to learn vocabulary too.
When I went to primary, in the first years I studied like in pre-school with songs and games, learning some basic words of vocabulary and starting doing very simple sentences. When I passed to 4th grade of primary, I started learning a little bit of irregular verbs doing games and also the teacher told us to copy them if we did not have good behaviour in class. I also played games like 'Simon says' or we sang 'head, shoulders knees and toes...'
When I started 5th, I started learning past tenses and also I did a personal dictionary with all the words of vocabulary that I did not understand and that was the method that they used for learning vocabulary. With irregular verbs we did competitions in groups and that was the way we studied them. When I started 6th, all was a bit more complicated and I started studying all tenses except past perfect / past perfect continuous and futures perfect / continuous.
Other classes that I had were English culture and drama. They there were two subjects that I did with a Scottish native speaker. All the classes were in English, I did plays, dances and we listened to a lot of English music. Also, I had to read two books in English every year since I was 9.
When we passed to secondary, we had to study hard, but the teacher was very enjoyable. Apart of the grammar lessons, also she played a lot of films with subtitles, then we discussed them in English. In the first course of secondary my teacher said to me that I did not know English and that I needed a private tutor, but I did not have it, and I passed all the years with difficulties but I always tried it. Now, I know that I do not know English. Patricia was my teacher in secondary. She went with us to the theatre in English. We had many activities in the computers room.
I started bachillerato last year. In 1st of bachillerato, I have done many activities: with my class we did a magazine, in which we talked about the school and all 1st of bachillerato, we talked about teachers, travels, and other topics. It was very funny.
This year, in the second course of bachillerato I participate in a virtual classroom where we can do many activities, and it is very interesting. Also we do PAU exams to practice before June, because it is very important to pass Selectividad.