Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Practise your writing for PAU

Hello again, this time the activity is designed for students of 2º Bachillerato, but anyone with good ideas is welcome.

You are doing a past paper to practise for PAU in English, and the topic you have to write about is the following:

Which are your favorite TV programmes? Describe them and explain why you like them.

You have to write about 100-150 words, and this time we are going to do it together. I will start:

I love watching TV. There are many TV channels and so many programmes to choose from, that it is difficult to decide.

Who wants to continue?


Elena Flores said...

Usually, the best programmes are shown during the evening, and they finish pretty late, so many times Ican't see the entire programme. What a pity! But, luckily, nowadays there are a lot of websites which host the programmes that they show in their channels, so I can see them when I prefer!

rebeca said...

My favourite programmes are programs in which there are crimes and murders and in which the police act in. These programs are like 'CSI', 'El Comisario'... because I want to study criminologistic and in these tv programmes many times appear the labaratories and many clues that they analyze to kwon who is the murder.

elena vaquero said...

My favourite programme is El Internado, its a mystery TV programme.
My favourite character is Ivan because he has a problematic past, he is rude but he apologized.

livia said...

My favourite programme is House.It´s a different history for one hospital.
He isn´t a perfect doctor, he is very unkid and grumpy.
He loves to insult his pacients but he is the best doctor in all the world.

maria.delreino said...

Actually,we prefer the programmes which are showing in the evening, because at the evening are showing the mistery, criminaly and the medical programmes.And I think that we prefer that programmes because they are about things that we knew a little,for example we knew about biology and there are something about biology in CSI, House...