Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas time!

Season's greetings for everyone!

You are all preparing your Portfolio of Languages, and some of you are writing about your experiences with languages. Why don't we do it together?

I will start:
I started learning English when I was very little, probably four or five, I don't remember. We did different activities:


celia =) said...

When I started to learn english I was about 3 years old and a particular teacher came to my house. We used to sing a lot of traditional and easy songs and play games because I was so little to study grammar or vocabulary but my teacher sometimes read me some books in english like "Little Red Riding Hood". I dont remember it, but my mother said me I had a lot fun and learned a lot.

Angela! said...

I started to learn english at the pre-school when i was so little. I used to sing a lot of songs and play differents games in wich i learnt so much having fun! =)

elena vaquero said...

I'm going to talk about the english of bachillerato. I started the bachillerato last year. In this years I have done many activities. With my class we did a magazine, where we talked about the school.
In the second course of bachillerato I participate in a virtual classroom where we can do many activities, and it's very interesting. Also we do a PAU exam because it's very important for pass Selectividad.

livia! said...

I started to study english in secondary.
When I was baby I went a class of english but I never studied.
In the first course of secondary my teacher said, you don´t know enlglish and you need a particular teacher!.
I never had a particular teacher,so I haven´t learnt english yet.
Patricia was my teacher in secondary,she went wiht us to the theatre in english.
We had many activities in the computers room.

Rebeca said...

When I went to primary, in the first years I study like in pre-school with songs and games, learning some basic words of vocabulary and starting doing very simple sentences. When I passed to 4th grade of primary, I started learning a little bit of irregular verbs doing games and also the teacher said us to copy them if we do not be good in class. I also played games like 'Simon sais' or we sang 'head, shoulders knees and toes...'
When I started 5th, everything was a little bit more complicated and I started learning past tenses and also y did a personal dictionnary with all the words of vocabulary that I did not understand and that was the method that they used for learning vocabulary, with irregular verbs, we did competitions in grups all the class and that was the way we studied them. When I started 6th, all was a bit more complicated and I started studying all tenses except past perfect and past perfect continues and futures perfects and continuous.
I also had English culture and drama that there were two subjects that I did with a native of Scotdland and all the classes were in English, I did plays, dances and we listened a lot of english music.
Also, I had to read two books in English in the year since I was 9.

Aída Garcia said...

I started to learn english when I was 3, in the pre-school, like Angela. We used to sing songs and play games. Also, we used to colour some activities or do very easy activities to learn vocabulary.
I think I learn very so much, but until 4th of ESO, I hate it and I think is because the theachers and a little group of classmates... (sorry! xD)

Emi said...

I began to study English when I was 3 in Senara. We did games like to say the name of a picture to learn vocabulary or singing songs.
It was easier than the nowadays English!

Mª Rueda said...

I really started to learn English in Secondary School, because in Primary I didn't learn anything. Although we had to study hard, but the theacher was very enjoyable. A part of the grammar lessons, also she put on a lot of films with subtitles, then we discussed in English. ¡ I enjoyed a lot in her classes!